Securing HR matiasroson 5 May 2023

One-on-one relationships

  • Drafting, modification and harmonization of employment contracts and specific clauses (non-compete, non-solicitation of clients, geographical mobility, training waiver, confidentiality, etc.).
  • Career management: employee evaluation system, professional mobility (in particular secondment and expatriation), professional training.
  • Prevention and management of risks of discrimination and unequal treatment
  • Prevention and management of cases of suffering at work and moral or sexual harassment
  • Disciplinary procedures and dismissals for personal reasons (simple, serious and grave misconduct, professional inadequacy, incapacity, etc.) and for economic reasons (economic difficulties, reorganization of the company, technological changes, cessation of activity, etc.).
  • Organization and drafting of delegations

Collective relations

  • Negotiations within the company (remuneration, real wages, working hours and sharing of added value, professional equality between women and men, measures to eliminate the pay gap, quality of life and working conditions, etc.)
  • Management of relations with works council and trade unions
  • Length and organisation of working time
  • Variable remuneration systems
  • Management of jobs and careers
  • Ethical codes, IT charters, GDPR
  • Incentives and profit sharing
  • Employee share ownership
  • Reorganisation and restructuring advice
  • Collective conflict prevention

Health at work

  • Negotiations on the prevention of psychosocial risks and stress
  • Warning procedures
  • Harassment investigation procedures
  • Management of incapacity procedures
  • Risk mapping : acquisition and compliance audits

Restructuring and exceptional operations

  • Due diligence of the structures involved
  • Assessment of the financial stakes
  • Definition of strategy, timetables, negotiation support
  • Impact on collective status (fate and renegotiation)
  • Fate of employee representative bodies
  • Fate of employee share ownership and savings schemes
  • Preparation of information and consultation documents for the works council
  • Management of the transfer of employment contracts
  • Collective and individual litigation
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